The Blackest Burger, The Sun is Trying to Kill Us, Congress Sells Out, and Remembering 9-11

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Today was a very long day at work.

There are another couple of days like that looming in the near future.

It really didn’t help that there was a lot more on my mind today than work.

I would have rather spent the day reading about politics and how Congress just dropped the ball on real campaign finance reform.

I would have rather had the time to really read and listen to all the personal stories of how lives changed 13 years ago.

I would have much rather gotten a nap at some point.

But, that’s not what was.

So, instead, I read a couple of articles, watched a couple of videos, and did the minimum non-work stuff needed to keep from going absolutely batty today.

Pretty much all of that is in the feed.

So, here you go.

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