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One thing technology has really let us do is get a different view into the lives of celebrities. Now, on their terms, we can see them as real people–not just icons on a stage or screen. That down-to-earth-ness also means the lines of communication between fans and celebrities are more open now than they’ve ever been before.

One of my favorite things about Twitter, especially when I was watching TV shows in real-time, was being able to give a shout-out to the various cast and crew members letting them know when they particularly impressed me or jumping in to some other conversation that was going on. Getting an actual, real time response was always nice.

Well, now I can say “Achievement Unlocked: Celebrity Feedback!” for YouTube, too. For certain values of “celebrity,” at least. Posted a jokey comment on the latest Nerdist News vid, making what I thought was a tired, overused pun… but apparently host Jessica Chobot hadn’t heard it before and said she wished she’d thought of it to end the show with.

Some days, it’s the little things that help.

Not that a wee bit of YouTube celebrity digital love could balance out all the other news I was reading through and pondering online during the day. (Though all the T-rex stuff did help a lot with that.) We live in a problematic world and, sadly, the bad stuff doesn’t really surprise me any more.

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