The Last Code Talker, Some Classic Confessional Humor, a Catchy Video Tune, and the Culture of Shut Up

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There were also cool amphibious ATVs and not so cool allegations that USAID created a social network in Cuba to spy on people.

Yeah, I run the gamut on things. I kind of pride myself on the variety of stuff I share out and the diversity that becomes apparent in some of the discussions that go on. It’s good to know that I can always count on my friends to always keep me on my toes and leaning new stuff.

And that’s why that “Culture of Shut Up” situation bothers me a bit. In no small part because, try as I might to avoid it, I know I’m guilty of fueling it sometimes.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Mozilla CEO being forced to resign by public opinion. I did feel that the Duck Dynasty guy got a raw deal when the Internet went apeshit over his comments (though it seems that turned out a net positive for the DD crew… tons of publicity at a low, low cost). I don’t feel bad about taking geocentrists to task for their utter refusal to accept just how nonsensical their view is… just like I don’t feel bad about taking those who put science and religion into a mutually exclusive equation. (They’re not, plenty of scientists with faith and plenty of faithful who don’t scoff at science.)

I do try to stay aware of where I stand in all of that. Of when I encourage others to speak, discourage them to do so, remain silent and just let things play out. Without question, I do try to facilitate more than shut down lines of discussion. But it’s a tough line to walk sometimes… and it leads to a lot of uncomfortable internal dialogues.

Which side of things are you on? Do you pay attention to how your words and action impact others?

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