Time Travel Edition: Fashion of the Future! Classic Rock Recreated! Colbert Changes Time Slots! Super Hero Workout Secrets!

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Okay, so none of it is real time travel… but a lot of it is kind of a blast from the past. Also of note is that Jem and the Holograms article which really nails why that show (and a lot of 80s cartoons) kind of rock and that brilliant cupcake recipe that came up near the end of the day.

The big thing, though, is the news about that Heartbleed situation that’s likely to have some every growing impacts across the online world. Basically, there was a flaw in the security layer that is supposed to protect a lot of stuff online. It’s been open for a while and a lot of big deal places are just patching it now. This is one of those times when everyone needs to change all of their passwords (because we all know most of us don’t do that regularly like we’re supposed to).

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