Celebrity Death and Dying, A Metal Morning, Throwback Thursday, and Some Bad News for Freedom

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Bunches of things in the feed.

A fantastic little article about Betty White and how she dyes.

The sad news that Joan Rivers won’t be dying any more… or getting any more plastic surgery… or telling any more snarky jokes.

I was in a totally metal mood this morning, so there’s a selection of tunes to rock out to. Some are more metal than others.

Some memories of making a movie and the celebration of my grandparents’ anniversary fill in the “Throwback Thursday” meme spot in today’s feed.

And then there’s the news out of New York State about how free speech is being beaten on with some campaign “reforms” that have been put in place temporarily (unless people fight to get them repealed before the end of this month… because then they become permanent… which strikes me as kind of a dirty trick). That’s not a good thing at all.

We’ve got a new War on Terror starting up as both the President and VP have said we’re going to go after this ISIS group like nobody’s business now that they’ve beheaded two reporters. Can’t say I’m happy about any of that.

And, finally, there’s the competition-killing laws that are on the books in 20 states (with more on the way) that forbid municipalities from creating public broadband networks. We all know I’m of the opinion that Internet connectivity should be treated like a public utility… so, obviously, I’ve got issues with this revelation. (Though it’s not a surprise… I’ve been following the cable business for nearly two decades now, on and off… they’ve done–and will likely do–worse.)

Anyway, here’s the full feed. I should’ve been asleep an hour ago…

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