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Still kind of ridiculously busy… but I still found myself really digging in to some of the articles in the feed today.

Particularly the one about the guy who just kind of ran off to live in the woods for over two decades. Granted, he had no human contact and kind of stole everything he needed… but the basic idea is kind of appealing.

Of course, I’d also be just fine with a one way trip to Mars. So I may not be the best judge of these things.

There are also some neat tech bits. A totally tricked out “camping” trailer (not really camping if you have the equivalent of  a small house with you–complete with A/C and TV) and some revolutionary solar cells that are near indistinguishable from regular windows.

Other highs and lows make their appearance, as one would expect with the way the last couple of weeks have gone. I’m well on my way to being totally burnt out on outrage.

So, just check it all out for yourself… maybe get involved in one of the ongoing conversations I haven’t had time for.

Here’s the feed…

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