Lots of Questionable Government Decisions, VR for Chickens, Public Fiber, Vocal Range Ranked, Netflix Glitched, and Why I’m Amazed We Still Any Money in the Bank (Computer Security)

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There’s a lot of stuff in this world that amazes me. Some of it in good ways, some of it in very bad ways.

On the list of “bad ways” is how utterly broken our ideas (and implementations) of security are. There’s a good (and terrifying) article about that, focused on computer security, in the feed. Of course, the related “good way” is that I’m constantly amazed any of us have any money in our bank accounts, despite the ease with which it can be whisked away.

Also on the “bad” list is how quickly people escalate things to ridiculous levels. Skipping over pretty much everything regarding the Department of Homeland Security (in the feed: the billion plus dollar over-run on building their headquarters… which still hasn’t even really started being built), there’s the feed article about the guy who called the cops when he came across two kids who were out for a walk. There seems to be no reason he couldn’t have called their parents, at least not from the article. But the mess it’s made is epic in the worst ways.

On the good side, sometimes people are just so full of joy. That really shines through in the video where two complete strangers join in the music with another dude who’s just playing guitar and signing on the sidewalk. It really made my day.

There’s always going to be amazing stuff out there on both sides of the divide. I always hope to run into more of the positive than the negative. Sometimes, that happens. Other times… well… reality conspires against me, it seems.

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