Apocalypse! Espionage! Vikings! Death! And Elephants in a Pool.

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Some active discussions going on in the stream today (and in a previous post or two).

There’s an extended discussion of changing names when you get married. That got a little unexpectedly heated. Sometimes traditions are held to tightly and any erosion of them–sensible or not–makes people a little uncomfortable.

A very interesting chat about the police in Furguson, MO, getting cameras to wear while on duty also took place. On the surface it seems like an awesomely good thing. (And a thing that I think is, in general, a good thing.) There are questions of data retention… and access to that data. There’s also, I believe, a real necessity to take a serious and deep look at our laws as a whole. So everyone involved can have a better understanding of what’s what and, maybe, we can simplify things a little. That all happened in a post from yesterday (so don’t look for it in today’s feed).

Impending doom always brings out some fun. Well, articles about impending doom do, at least. Today’s feed was no different. An article calling back to a book published over 40 years ago that predicts societal collapse before we hit 2100 (2070, give or take, actually). It’s an interesting set of graphs, but the predictions haven’t been perfect… and seem to be skewing south of what reality is actually doing in some cases. Still… interesting stuff to think on.

So, yeah, bunches of interesting things. And then more to keep you entertained and, maybe, counteract all the death and destruction.

Here’s the feed…

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