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Short list today. I’ve been too busy to really take in as much as I usually do.

I’ve never been interested in being a programmer. At least not since the “good old days” of BASIC where I toyed with the idea briefly, just like everyone else, until I realized just how much ridiculously complex work would be involved in anything I wanted to do and how much the language just wouldn’t stick in my head. (It was also a lot harder to find reference material back then, being there was no Internet everywhere…)

In college, programming was one of the things that really did me in during my first major. I’m fully congnizent of what it can do, but I’ve just never been all that good at making it do it. Aside from the most basic “Hello World!” print tests, churning out anything else that was even vaguely useful was an uphill battled ending in the discovery of another hill.

Guess what I’ve been neck deep into doing for the past month at my day job?

Yeah, more programming than I’ve ever wanted to.

The good news is, thanks to the easy reference material brought directly to my eyeballs via copious Google searches, I’ve managed to just about complete the project. I’m sure it’s not done in the most elegant way, but it’s getting done.

It’s just stressing me all the hell out.

So, not much brain bandwidth for much else…

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