Some Classics, Russia on the Move, Angry Game Trolls, Hello Kitty, and a Very Happy Porcupine

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So I’m slowly coming out of my avoidance pattern for real news. It’s just been too much that’s too bad lately

In the time I have been actively avoiding some news, it seems that things have continued to be absolutely insane out there.

There are Russian troops fighting on Ukrainian soil, against Ukrainians. That’s potentially a very bad thing. Especially since Russia just keeps saying “Oops! Didn’t notice we crossed the border there.. sorry, we were just looking for a bathroom or something…”

Closer to home, threats of violence against her and her family from angry gaming trolls have (again) disrupted the life of a noted critic of sexism in video games and other entertainment. Yep, the best way to prove that you’re misogynist dicks is to totally behave like misogynist dicks.

But, there’s also a super happy porcupine… and some Marx Brothers… so, check that out, too.

Anyway, my brain’s about to shut down for the night.

Here’s the feed…

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