The Blackest Burger, The Sun is Trying to Kill Us, Congress Sells Out, and Remembering 9-11

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Today was a very long day at work. There are another couple of days like that looming in the near future. It really didn’t help that there was a lot more on my mind today than work. I would have rather spent the day reading about politics and how Congress just dropped the ball on […]

Politics, SciFi, Comics, Comedy, and, well, Pretty Much a Little of Everything

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I’ve really got get back on track to do posts on Fridays… or any of the times over the weekend that I think “Gee, I should probably post something to my actual blog…” Because by the time Monday night rolls around, I’m usually doing so many other things that I put this off until the […]

Political Progress, Severe SWAT, Riotous Raccoons, Diminutive Dwellings, and Interest Intelligence

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In the feed today is a totally adorable video of people feeding a whole passel of raccoons in a parking lot. It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve seen people do on the Internet today. (That’s saying a lot.) I grew up in the woods. I’ve had numerous “close encounters” with raccoons. They’ve all been […]

Tarot History, Takei Respect, DRM Woes, Work Tunes, Illusions in Motion, and Comic Book Stuff

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Hopefully, after today’s utter insanity and stress, things will fall back into a more “schedule-friendly” rhythm at work. We should be past the point where a project that should have ebbed has continued to flow… right over top of a new project that was planned to start in the down-time. In the feed, there’s what […]