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Was just on a trip down memory lane with a friend I met long ago in a hotel.

She’s one of the handful of people I’m still in touch with that I met during Key Club conventions in high school. Those weekend-long conventions were some of the best times I ever had in high school. Definitely some of the few times I was really able to start figuring out who I really was back then.

Only a handful or so of those meetings turned into friendships. A few of them faded over the years… but some, despite some periods of prolonged silence, have held strong and show no signs of really fading.

In fact, because of things like Facebook, I’m interacting with these scattered kindred spirits more now than I have… ever.

This is why I dig the Internet so much.

It makes stuff like this possible.

That’s why I so badly want everyone to have it… and for it to remain as open and wild as it is right now.

Anyway, here’s the other highlights from today’s feed… mostly news that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise for days, if ever. (Another point for the Internet!)

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