Reboots, Rumors, Religion, and a Kick Ass Waterslide

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Aside from the ongoing discussions about Guardians of the Galaxy, the story today that most caught my attention was a kind of scathing take-down of the currently popular “Prosperity Gospel” movement.

From what I can see, there’s nothing “Gospel” related in the prosperity gospel. In fact, it seems like it pretty clearly goes against just about everything that appears in the Gospels. I’m even hard pressed to see how they could possibly spin any interpretation of their basic call to action from anything I’ve ever read in the Gospel (and, being raised Catholic, I have some background knowledge on that).

As a friend of mine pointed out, the big thing that really gets me about this is this movement is setting people up to fail and, when they fail, they’ve not only lost their money and likely their hope (if not a bunch of social standing), they’ve also lost Faith.

Faith can be a really important thing.

It can give us something to hold on to during rough seas.

It can provide us with context to express the joy we find.

It can lift us up so we can reach levels we wouldn’t otherwise think possible.

Poison that by attaching it so heavily to the material world and the implicit message that if you don’t succeed, it’s because God hates you… and you negate all the good faith can do and leave only the worst parts.

It can teach you to hold a grudge.

It can spur you to vile acts (since you’re unredeemable, anyway).

It can hold you back as you endless seek the approval and forgiveness that’s just not going to come.

Faith is always a double-edged sword. All the prosperity gospel seems to do is hand the sharpened end to those who follow it. Most will get cut, some will be gravely wounded. Those that manage to get past the blade and grab the handle will then be fully conditioned to swing that sword to cut down others they see as easy marks–and ways of increasing their own material wealth.

Some things don’t particularly belong to the temporal world. Faith is one of those things. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it works best as disconnected from the physical world as possible–existing in a very personal space or mind and emotion that only tangentially nudges things in the “real” world.

It’s definitely not something that should be confuse the metaphorical gold of the purified soul with the all-too-real gold changing hands at the money lenders’ tables. Setting up in a sacred space didn’t go to well for those money lenders…

Anyway… here’s the feed…


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