Harley Sings, Bee Stings, Water Horses, and Some WTF

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Trying something new to knock the dust off the blog here. Most of my posting goes on over on FB… simply because that’s where a lot of people are, the content is easy to grab and share, and I can quickly pop in and share stuff without much comment in between kicking ass at work. […]

The Last Code Talker, Some Classic Confessional Humor, a Catchy Video Tune, and the Culture of Shut Up

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There were also cool amphibious ATVs and not so cool allegations that USAID created a social network in Cuba to spy on people. Yeah, I run the gamut on things. I kind of pride myself on the variety of stuff I share out and the diversity that becomes apparent in some of the discussions that […]

The Warrior Passes On, Neanderthal Interbreeding, Black Boxes Deep Beneath the Sea, and a T-Rex Heads to DC

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I’m kind of excited about the Smithsonian finally getting a real T-Rex. It’s even more neat because I know one of the people out in Colorado who’s on the team that’s picking it up. People I know have incredibly interesting jobs and I dig it. 🙂 In other news today, one of the classic WWE […]

Time Travel Edition: Fashion of the Future! Classic Rock Recreated! Colbert Changes Time Slots! Super Hero Workout Secrets!

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Okay, so none of it is real time travel… but a lot of it is kind of a blast from the past. Also of note is that Jem and the Holograms article which really nails why that show (and a lot of 80s cartoons) kind of rock and that brilliant cupcake recipe that came up […]

Old Shows Kind of Back Again, NSA Doing Questionable Things, Ghosts (Maybe), Batman, and Jesus’ Wife (Also Maybe)

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One of my absolute favorite iterations of Batman was the 90s cartoon version produced by Bruce Timm and voiced by Kevin Conroy. It managed to capture both the dark and light sides of Batman in stories that were well written, entertaining, and drawn with such an amazing, unique style that nothing has really ever come […]