Detecting Sarcasm, Grumpy and Grumpy, Questionable Bling, and an Impressive Ninja Warrior Run

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Most of today was spent buried under many lines of code and text revisions. There wasn’t a whole lot of time (well, time that wasn’t spent in meetings) for anything else.

I’m sure I missed out on a lot of interesting stuff–with how the Facebook feed works these days, I may see some of it pop up over the next few days… but I’m not online quite as much over the weekend (usually).

I’m exhausted from the week. Technology and transportation have regularly conspired against me and just worn me the hell out.

The weekend has some good time with friends planned. Hopefully that’ll help, because Monday arrives with a full-burn final thrust on one project and a lot of catch-up on another.

wheee…. :-/

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