Old Favorites Resurfacing, Purposeful Work, Music, and a Very Chill Sloth

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Busy and stressful day (which ones aren’t, right?) so the bulk of the feed is just kind of distraction and nostalgia.

Good news is, some of that nostalgia is for creators that are putting out new work for the first time in a while. Faith No More announced it’s first new album in 18 years and Flight of the Conchords may be coming back to HBO after being gone for far too long. Oh, and the director’s cut of Nightbreed is starting to get advertised in places (my copy is already pre-ordered).

Amid all that an article about how doing purposeful work leads to better everything all around. I don’t find that all that difficult to believe. When I was both excited and engaged with my work, when I felt it had a clear, distinct, and necessary purpose, everything went more smoothly. Not flawlessly, mind you, but the bumps didn’t feel quite as disruptive and there was a much cleaner sense of accomplishment when all was said and done.

These days, since I’ve kind of lost all sense of purpose (also still trying to find it or something similar, so don’t worry too much), I’d much rather be spending my days (and nights) like the sloth you’ll find in the feed. Just kind of laying back chowing down on.. stuff.

Anyway, here’s the feed…

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