More on Robin Williams, Some Solid Harto, and Possible Political Insight

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Lots of people are still reeling in one way or another from Robin Williams’ suicide.

It’s especially tragic since, for a long time now, he’s been aware and willing to get help when he needed it. Just last month he checked himself into rehab for a “tune up” so he wouldn’t fall off the wagon.

I figure what hit him on Monday kind of snuck up on him. Totally blindside by a wave of depression that sucked him under so quickly and completely that, if he could look now, he’d be just as shocked and surprised as the rest of us are.

But, what’s done is done and from it a number of conversations have started. Some are telling stories of his impact on our lives–through the various movies and television shows we knew him from. Others have more personal stories to tell–actors and comedians who worked with him at one point or another are sharing snippets of memory, filling in bits of his life that, until now, few have ever heard. And then there are the really important discussions–about depression and suicide and how to reach out (and respond when reached out to).

That’s important stuff, indeed.

It doesn’t always help. Sometimes nothing does. But being aware, being willing, and putting yourself out there, regardless of which side of the reaching you’re on, is difficult but rewarding more often than not.

It can make a difference. And if it does so just once, well, that’s a pretty huge difference for that one person… or for you.

Here’s the feed…

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