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For a while it was looking like today’s theme was going to be “Gender Stuff”… but then some cool science and some other strange stuff showed up.

The “Gender Stuff”, though is really interesting and, for those who don’t soak in the wide variety of gender issues that I do (again, I credit my fantastically diverse group of friends), some of this can be a real eye opener.

Of particular interest, I thought, was the article about how the “sexual aggressive” role in society switched from being attributed to women to being attributed to men. This is something that I think is sliding back in the other direction now. And, with more free and open discussion of such topics happening now than has happened before, I think we’re on track to finally ending up in a sensible place where people (regardless of self-identified or outright identifiable gender) will be able to directly and openly pursue however much sex they want without the majority of society casting them a sideways glance.

I think that would lead to the bulk of the population being happier. And, eventually, it would lead to better relationships all around, as people would no longer feel pressured into behaviors that don’t suit them.

Of course, I also think we’re still a generation or two away from that playing out. (Much like the shift I see in the Religion/Faith/Atheist mix, which I also think will end up more amiable in a generation or two… and, yes, there’s likely a pretty strong connection between those two trends, in my opinion.)

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