Bits of Nostalgia and Nature, Some World News, and a Really Big Wombat

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Full day at the office followed by a full evening of more work on a freelance project I had hoped would be much further ahead than it is now.

This whole “burning out” thing happens much more quickly than it did 20 years ago.

What’s up with that?

Oh, yeah… human… aging… right.

Can’t run on fumes anywhere near as well as I used to. Especially now that everything I do is so much more complex than, well, anything I used to do.

So, because of all that, you get the big wombat picture.

Because that’s exactly what I needed to see first thing in the morning as I sat down at my desk.

A big, smiling, virgin wombat.

Just. Because.

Yeah, there’s also important news in the feed (like what’s going on in France right now… and the EU as a whole). And some other nostalgic stuff (it being back to school time and all).

Here, take a look for yourself at the feed…


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