The Blackest Burger, The Sun is Trying to Kill Us, Congress Sells Out, and Remembering 9-11

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Today was a very long day at work. There are another couple of days like that looming in the near future. It really didn’t help that there was a lot more on my mind today than work. I would have rather spent the day reading about politics and how Congress just dropped the ball on […]

Apocalypse! Espionage! Vikings! Death! And Elephants in a Pool.

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Some active discussions going on in the stream today (and in a previous post or two). There’s an extended discussion of changing names when you get married. That got a little unexpectedly heated. Sometimes traditions are held to tightly and any erosion of them–sensible or not–makes people a little uncomfortable. A very interesting chat about […]

Some Classics, Russia on the Move, Angry Game Trolls, Hello Kitty, and a Very Happy Porcupine

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So I’m slowly coming out of my avoidance pattern for real news. It’s just been too much that’s too bad lately In the time I have been actively avoiding some news, it seems that things have continued to be absolutely insane out there. There are Russian troops fighting on Ukrainian soil, against Ukrainians. That’s potentially […]

Lots More Funny Stuff and Some Bits on Relationships and Politics

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Still cranking away on bunches of projects. Not a lot of head space for too much commentary (that hasn’t already been spent in the comments to things in the feed over in Facebookland). The week is winding down… but really getting tight on more than a few deadlines. I need more hours in the day […]

Bits of Nostalgia and Nature, Some World News, and a Really Big Wombat

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Full day at the office followed by a full evening of more work on a freelance project I had hoped would be much further ahead than it is now. This whole “burning out” thing happens much more quickly than it did 20 years ago. What’s up with that? Oh, yeah… human… aging… right. Can’t run […]