Good Ol’ Al, Water Woes in Detroit, Old Blood, Workplace Hijinks, and Some Good Ideas

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I’m really not sure where my evening went.

I got home and sat down in front of the computer. Watching the piled up YouTube videos from my feed, and started working on a few different things. At some point I know I made it through another episode of Salem on Hulu…

But, really, I don’t have a whole lot to show for whatever work I did. That’s one of the more frustrating things about the work I do. The progress is sometimes utterly invisible until right near the end.

Then everything suddenly pops right out.

It’s a bit disheartening at times and utterly frustrating when trying to prove that there’s actually things being done (to yourself or others). Sure there’s code and a few adjusted things here or there, maybe a new piece of content (Hey! That’s something! Right?)… but, ultimately, nothing that looks all that impressive.

Regardless of what effort was put into it.

All the planning and experimentation and research just kind of is. Not flashy, not always in a form that anyone would actually understand even if you could show it to them. But it’s there… and its important… and, some of it, at least, is now more done than it was before.

I think.

This is a problem that I think is somewhat unique to writers and coders. Visual artists can end up with sketches and piles of crumpled paper covered in attempts. People building physical objects end up with scrap material and prototypes and callouses. Those of us who just type? We have hours of “lost” time… and then we have a finished, working, project.

Usually just in time to have revisions that need to go into place.

Come to think of it, my day at the office was exactly like my evening at home.


I think I may need a vacation…

On with the feed…

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