The Blackest Burger, The Sun is Trying to Kill Us, Congress Sells Out, and Remembering 9-11

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Today was a very long day at work. There are another couple of days like that looming in the near future. It really didn’t help that there was a lot more on my mind today than work. I would have rather spent the day reading about politics and how Congress just dropped the ball on […]

Weather, Ice Bucket Muppets, Free Range Kids, More From Furguson, and Some Movies

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread (and pull in tons of money and awareness). Now we’re up to Muppets like Cookie Monster and Kermit the Frog participating. I continue to be amused. (And, in some cases, impressed.) There’s still lots of problems in Furguson… and there are so many media-types there to get […]

Bees, Furguson, Fictional Horrors, and Needed Distractions

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I spent more time than I probably should have discussing the goings on in Furguson, MO, today. Can’t say that before yesterday I’d really ever heard of that St. Louis suburb before, but after today it’s going to be hard to forge. You see, there’s some massive police action going on there. That’s in reaction […]

More on Robin Williams, Some Solid Harto, and Possible Political Insight

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Lots of people are still reeling in one way or another from Robin Williams’ suicide. It’s especially tragic since, for a long time now, he’s been aware and willing to get help when he needed it. Just last month he checked himself into rehab for a “tune up” so he wouldn’t fall off the wagon. […]

Sounds of Space, Questionable Business, Questionable Politics, and Some Movie Stuff

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With Comic Con passed, there are a lot of movie announcements floating around out there now. Sequels, reboots, spin offs, and even some original properties that all sound really interesting. The problem, of course, is that most of them are a year or more away. I remember the “good old days” when you wouldn’t hear […]