Some Good News, Some Bad News, and Some Outright Crazy Stuff (You know, as usual)

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Kicked off my day this morning with an off-site meeting and then capped it off with two other meetings that popped up out of nowhere. Which, of course, lead to a mad dash to get stuff done… and a list of things that will get in the way of a nice, leisurely Friday in the office.

But, I followed up the day at work with a bit of getting together with former coworkers. That’s always nice. Fun to hear what people (people who I can’t stalk on Facebook because they either don’t use it at all or don’t post enough) have been up to and how things are going at the old employer.

Did a lot of walking through DC, got home later than expected, and now… now I’m getting to bed later than expected… so… nothing profound or all that coherent (especially since I’ve still got a lot of stuff in my inbox that needs watching… and a packed weekend of stuff ahead of me).

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