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I’m running exceptionally later than planned tonight.

In between doing stuff at work during the day and up until about ten minutes before I’m typing this, I’ve been involved, on and off, in two completely awesome discussions over in my FB stream. One’s been about faith, religion, and atheists, the other has been on people trapped in low-paying (minimum wage) fast-food jobs.

And I’ve also been working on getting some promo stuff lined up for this year’s Taste the World in Fenton Village event (which is happening on May 4).

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time at the second annual Awesome Con. I didn’t take a lot of picture, but other people did… some of them are in the feed rundown below. Mostly, I just had a great time being surrounded by fantastically creative and energetic people who were deeply involved with things they absolutely love doing. It was a good and refreshing change from the daily grind.

But, now I’m way over due to go to sleep for the extra early meeting I have on Tuesday. Soooo… here, here’s a bunch of stuff to scroll through.

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