Al at Number One, Wrong Number Hijinks, Remixed News, White Flags Flying, and Galaxy Hopping to Kill Hitler

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The feed is a little light today. Mostly because so much of the news was so heavy. I didn’t feel like sharing it.

That and I was busy. But mostly the too heavy thing.

Some days, there’s just so much bad news going around–both in the world at large and among the people I know–that I can’t in good conscience add to that. So, instead you get a wacky plot where Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones travel through time and space to kill Hitler (as Indiana Jones and Darth Vader). Or pit bulls cuddling on a couch. Or 20 Simpsons quotes that get used by people all the time.

And not a whole lot of actual news.

That news is out there, everyone is seeing in their feed already. All the death and imminent destruction promised by actions happening in the Middle East and Ukraine. All the political wranglings that serve mostly to dehumanize people with problems (or just differing opinions) so some privileged politico of mogul can maintain their own bit of superiority.

You really can’t escape it.

No matter how much you want to some days.

The least I can do is not throw it at you.

Because then I’d have to look at it all the more when you comment… usually with more sense than anyone making the news does (which is the one good thing about it all).

Anyway, here’s what passes for today’s feed…

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