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So, Fox has apparently neglected to renew one of my favorite shows from the past season, the scifi cop show Almost Human. As I’ve said a lot in comments today, I think that’s a horrible idea on their part.

The show had a lot of potential–a rich world that they were just beginning to explore, characters that worked really well together (played by actors who worked really well together), interesting plots, and plenty of room for expansion, spin-offs, and other things that would quickly grow an already steady fan base.

But, network economics being what they are, the show has been dropped in favor of new shows on the schedule that tie into existing franchises (like DC’s Batman) and other things that are expected to be trending next fall. Sadly, I don’t hold out a lot of hope that the new shows are going to be as good as Almost Human was… and I really doubt they’ll be as good as it was well on its way to being.

Guess only time will tell… but I promise you, I’ll be super annoyed if all the new shows get cancelled quickly and/or otherwise don’t make it into a second season.

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