Trapped by the TV!

In an odd turn of events, it took me almost as long to create the title card graphic as it did to edit the video today. (Proving once again that I’m really not a graphic designer… or, at least, not a good one.) Today’s topic was based on last night’s experience trying, and failing, and […]

Equipment Check!

Okay, really late again… but it wasn’t because of editing this time. I swear! I actually took two hours to watch the premiere of the long-awaited continuation of the Heroes TV series, Heroes Reborn. I forgot how annoying it was to watch TV in real time… no ability to take just another few minutes to finish something […]

GWAR, Cooper and Price, Looking Back on Scandal, History, and A Few Other Things

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This, so the little numbers tell me, is the 100th entry I’ve made in this particular experimental Facebook Feed series. I was going to say something interesting about it… but it’s been another long day at the office and my brain is kind of fried. I’m also kind of unimpressed with my own performance in […]

It Was a Busy Weekend, Full of Stuff and Work

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The past week or so at the day job has been ridiculous. Huge deadlines on a huge project that’s really too huge for the timeline it was scheduled for. Of course, it does look like we’ll be close enough. It also looks like it’s driving me utterly mad with stress. So, the feed is a […]

Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to alleviate stress

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Why, yes, you continue to get a proliferation of fluff in the feed. But it’s good fluff! At least I think it is. Creative. Witty. So wrong it’s awesome. It’s the stuff that helps alleviate the stress that my life has been lately. But have no fear! There are also some gems of real content in […]