Comics in a Box Every Month

A couple of weeks ago, I subscribed to the Comic Bento service. They’re kind of like Loot Crate and a number of other services that ship out a box full of stuff to their subscribers once a month. In this case, as you may have guessed from the name, it’s comic books. I picked Comic […]

Stupid Humans, Bounty Hunting, Bad Geography, and Aquaman

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Another busy day at work, but some interesting things in the feed. Some interesting interactions in the feed today. A tragic story about some parents with some really poor judgement (which lead to them falling to their deaths in front of their children) stirred up some comment controversy. Two very different angles on humor and […]

Reboots, Rumors, Religion, and a Kick Ass Waterslide

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Aside from the ongoing discussions about Guardians of the Galaxy, the story today that most caught my attention was a kind of scathing take-down of the currently popularĀ “Prosperity Gospel” movement. From what I can see, there’s nothing “Gospel” related in the prosperity gospel. In fact, it seems like it pretty clearly goes against just about […]

Bunches of Comic Con Things, Big Discussions on Israel and the Gaza Strip, Some Levity to Balance that Out, and Musing on the Culture of Fear

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There are no shortage of fear-inducing, attention-grabbing headlines out there. Most of them turn out to be utter hype, but you don’t discover that until after you’ve clicked through. And if you don’t click through, well, the damage to your peace of mind is already done. For a long time now I’ve been interested in […]

Lots of Oddities, Some Real Stupidity, A Bit of Humor, and the Blackest Black

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Apparently, the push yesterday to let the FCC know how we think they should rule on Net Neutrality once again crashed their website. So much so that at least one of the groups that was facilitating the electronic submissions just up and printed out the messages that didn’t get through and hand delivered them so […]