Old Favorites Resurfacing, Purposeful Work, Music, and a Very Chill Sloth

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Busy and stressful day (which ones aren’t, right?) so the bulk of the feed is just kind of distraction and nostalgia. Good news is, some of that nostalgia is for creators that are putting out new work for the first time in a while. Faith No More announced it’s first new album in 18 years […]

Good Ol’ Al, Water Woes in Detroit, Old Blood, Workplace Hijinks, and Some Good Ideas

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I’m really not sure where my evening went. I got home and sat down in front of the computer. Watching the piled up YouTube videos from my feed, and started working on a few different things. At some point I know I made it through another episode of┬áSalem on Hulu… But, really, I don’t have […]

Tesla Awesomeness, Classic American Musicals, Good Superhero News, and Homestar

I was moderately successful in the music theme I wanted to have going today. I didn’t get to quite as many posts about it as I’d wanted, but that was mostly due to not having time to hunt through my feed for more interesting stuff to put between the clips. I’d sure like to know […]

Just a Whole Lot of Stuff

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I meant to update Thursday… and even Friday… but… well… it was a holiday weekend and I figured I’d use it to catch up on things. And by “things”, it turns out I meant all those games I bought during the Steam sale. Because I really didn’t do much else for most of that long […]

Bad Dice, Blackwater, Continued Hobby Lobby Hubbub, Nature, and a Little Fan Service

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The two big bits of news that were bouncing around today were the Supreme Court’s decision in the case for Hobby Lobby regarding whether it should have to pay for insurance plans that cover contraception and the recently released documents that show just how messed up the U.S. relationship with “freelance security” firm Blackwater was. […]