Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to alleviate stress

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Why, yes, you continue to get a proliferation of fluff in the feed. But it’s good fluff! At least I think it is. Creative. Witty. So wrong it’s awesome. It’s the stuff that helps alleviate the stress that my life has been lately. But have no fear! There are also some gems of real content in […]

Stupid Humans, Bounty Hunting, Bad Geography, and Aquaman

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Another busy day at work, but some interesting things in the feed. Some interesting interactions in the feed today. A tragic story about some parents with some really poor judgement (which lead to them falling to their deaths in front of their children) stirred up some comment controversy. Two very different angles on humor and […]

Bunches of Comic Con Things, Big Discussions on Israel and the Gaza Strip, Some Levity to Balance that Out, and Musing on the Culture of Fear

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There are no shortage of fear-inducing, attention-grabbing headlines out there. Most of them turn out to be utter hype, but you don’t discover that until after you’ve clicked through. And if you don’t click through, well, the damage to your peace of mind is already done. For a long time now I’ve been interested in […]

Detecting Sarcasm, Grumpy and Grumpy, Questionable Bling, and an Impressive Ninja Warrior Run

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Most of today was spent buried under many lines of code and text revisions. There wasn’t a whole lot of time (well, time that wasn’t spent in meetings) for anything else. I’m sure I missed out on a lot of interesting stuff–with how the Facebook feed works these days, I may see some of it […]

Bad Business, Intergalactic Bad Guys, Some Good Evil, Celebrity How To, and Other Stuff That Makes Me Feel Old

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There was a semi-lengthy back-and-forth in a comment stream today about how celebrities interact with their fans. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of different methods of interaction. Some of them much more personable than others. I’ve seen celebs content to sit behind their tables, offering nothing more than a well-acted smile and nod […]