Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to alleviate stress

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Why, yes, you continue to get a proliferation of fluff in the feed. But it’s good fluff! At least I think it is. Creative. Witty. So wrong it’s awesome. It’s the stuff that helps alleviate the stress that my life has been lately. But have no fear! There are also some gems of real content in […]

Hot Peppers, Stupid Humans, Culture Clash, and Textual Russian Roulette

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Two fascinating culture articles in today’s feed. One about the perception of lowbrow, midbrow, and highbrow cultural norms and another about a “game” called Damage Control that the kids these days seem to be playing. The ideas, ideals, and realities of socioeconomic and cultural class systems fascinate me. How one level looks at the others, […]

Politics, SciFi, Comics, Comedy, and, well, Pretty Much a Little of Everything

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I’ve really got get back on track to do posts on Fridays… or any of the times over the weekend that I think “Gee, I should probably post something to my actual blog…” Because by the time Monday night rolls around, I’m usually doing so many other things that I put this off until the […]

So Many Teeth, Bunches of History, Scifi and Comic News, and Good to Help Balance Out the Bad

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Right now, a bunch of people I know are out on the West Coast at San Diego Comic Con. Another few are bouncing around various European countries. Still more are heading off for two weeks of Pennsic War. And, in another month, some mix of those same bunches of people will be heading to Dragon*Con. […]

Affordable Housing, Role Playing Games, Legal Wranglings, Inspiration, Tragedy, and Everything Since Friday

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Yeah, apparently I’m skipping Friday updates more often than not. I should stop that. Actually stick to my own schedule. One of the big topics that ended up being discussed today in the stream was the whole rich/poor divide and the idea of affordable housing… spawned by an article about a new building in NYC […]