Music, Free Broadband in KC, and Stuffed Animals

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Yeah… very, very busy day today. Likely a very very busy day tomorrow, too. So busy that the feed is really sparse. And, it seems, has ended up being mostly music-related. But there is that bit about Kansas City, MO, setting it up so that, aside from a $300 setup fee, a whole bunch of […]

A Whole Lot on Net Neutrality, A View of the End of Civilization, and Some Happier Things

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Today was a big day in the fight for Net Neutrality. It was another big push to fill the public comment boxes at the FCC with our very solid desire that the Internet remain open and accessible, regardless of what company gets it to your screen. Cable companies and phone companies (like Comcast and Verizon) […]

Stupid Humans, Bounty Hunting, Bad Geography, and Aquaman

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Another busy day at work, but some interesting things in the feed. Some interesting interactions in the feed today. A tragic story about some parents with some really poor judgement (which lead to them falling to their deaths in front of their children) stirred up some comment controversy. Two very different angles on humor and […]

Affordable Housing, Role Playing Games, Legal Wranglings, Inspiration, Tragedy, and Everything Since Friday

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Yeah, apparently I’m skipping Friday updates more often than not. I should stop that. Actually stick to my own schedule. One of the big topics that ended up being discussed today in the stream was the whole rich/poor divide and the idea of affordable housing… spawned by an article about a new building in NYC […]