Hot Peppers, Stupid Humans, Culture Clash, and Textual Russian Roulette

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Two fascinating culture articles in today’s feed. One about the perception of lowbrow, midbrow, and highbrow cultural norms and another about a “game” called Damage Control that the kids these days seem to be playing. The ideas, ideals, and realities of socioeconomic and cultural class systems fascinate me. How one level looks at the others, […]

Sounds of Space, Questionable Business, Questionable Politics, and Some Movie Stuff

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With Comic Con passed, there are a lot of movie announcements floating around out there now. Sequels, reboots, spin offs, and even some original properties that all sound really interesting. The problem, of course, is that most of them are a year or more away. I remember the “good old days” when you wouldn’t hear […]

Bunches of Comic Con Things, Big Discussions on Israel and the Gaza Strip, Some Levity to Balance that Out, and Musing on the Culture of Fear

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There are no shortage of fear-inducing, attention-grabbing headlines out there. Most of them turn out to be utter hype, but you don’t discover that until after you’ve clicked through. And if you don’t click through, well, the damage to your peace of mind is already done. For a long time now I’ve been interested in […]

So Many Teeth, Bunches of History, Scifi and Comic News, and Good to Help Balance Out the Bad

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Right now, a bunch of people I know are out on the West Coast at San Diego Comic Con. Another few are bouncing around various European countries. Still more are heading off for two weeks of Pennsic War. And, in another month, some mix of those same bunches of people will be heading to Dragon*Con. […]

Heroes (in real life and otherwise), A Bad Way to Kill a Spider, Questionable Editorial Decisions, and Just Plain Bad News

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The week continues to be… odd. The rapid oscillation between lull and panic at the day job just kind of left my head spinning. I’d been hoping to make a bit of progress on some other projects, but one just refused to die quietly. I’m sure it will resurface again soon enough… likely right when […]