Bunches of Comic Con Things, Big Discussions on Israel and the Gaza Strip, Some Levity to Balance that Out, and Musing on the Culture of Fear

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There are no shortage of fear-inducing, attention-grabbing headlines out there. Most of them turn out to be utter hype, but you don’t discover that until after you’ve clicked through. And if you don’t click through, well, the damage to your peace of mind is already done. For a long time now I’ve been interested in […]

Working the Pole, Cat vs Lizards, Star Trek Rumors, Disturbing Statistics, New Games, and a Spike-covered Bear Hunting Suit

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Ridiculously busy day, again. And my time at home after has been largely spent watching videos that have come out of E3… so many awesome looking games that I’ll likely never play (and, if I did, likely would get quickly frustrated with). I remember when computer games first became “a thing.” Right back around when […]

Science, Madness, Ice Cream Truck Music History, Slowly Impending Doom, and More

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I’m really not much of a programmer. Yes, my job title technically¬†does have “developer” in it, but I’m really not happy when I have to build things from scratch. I much prefer to mix already working things together in ways that get the job done in a quick and effective manner. Hopefully something that’s at […]

Ant Physics, Lots of Television Show Stuff, Godzilla, and an Awesome Optical Illusion

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Over the next week or so, there’s going to be a lot of news on TV shows that get canceled, renewed, and picked up from the list of potentials. That always breeds a lot of laments and cheers from people… and more than a few quirked eyebrows in some cases. It also breeds some great […]

More Than a Little Art, A Call to Action for Net Neutrality, Some New Entertainment, and Awesome Science

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I often say that I’m not a music person–mainly because I’m not… at least not like a lot of other people I know how eat, breath, sleep, and generally live music. I enjoy music, but I don’t particularly seek it out or obsess over it. What I¬†do like, though, is a solid performance. Of anything. […]