More of Everything from the Past Few Days

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Yep. Up too late again, trying to catch up on non-day-job work that I didn’t get to last week (or the week before) because I was so wiped out by the day job work. Much needed fun over the weekend, but my sleep schedule is still recovering. Yeah, that’s the excuse I can use for […]

Stupid Humans, Bounty Hunting, Bad Geography, and Aquaman

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Another busy day at work, but some interesting things in the feed. Some interesting interactions in the feed today. A tragic story about some parents with some really poor judgement (which lead to them falling to their deaths in front of their children) stirred up some comment controversy. Two very different angles on humor and […]

Self-Image, Coffee is for Closers, An Economic Last Stand, Whiskey Lies, and Other Things

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The big non-shock in the feed today is that every level of Comcast is all about sales. This hot on the heels of an 8+ minute recording of someone trying to cancel their cable service. All that sales, of course, came at the cost of actual customer service–something cable companies are notoriously bad at to […]