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A couple of weeks ago, I subscribed to the Comic Bento service. They’re kind of like Loot Crate and a number of other services that ship out a box full of stuff to their subscribers once a month.

In this case, as you may have guessed from the name, it’s comic books.

I picked Comic Bento because it’s the only one I’ve come across so far that, when checking out past shipments, I saw absolutely nothing that made me think “Well, that would just get put away in a corner until I finally threw it out or re-gifted it to someone.” Seriously, there are some Loot Crates I’ve seen where there was nothing that interested me.

But Comic Bento… well… they’re comic books. I’ve never really gone all that wrong in the past with comics. Even the “bad” ones have some redeeming quality… even if it is just inspiration to “do better than that.”

In today’s vlog, I open that first box. I’m pretty happy with what I found.

(Also, upon slightly closer reading, I’ve realized that  Executive Assistant Iris is from the team that did Witchblade… which I do actually own some issues of from back in the day and I also enjoyed the short-lived, Yancy Butler fronted, TV series. I just didn’t recognize the names when I saw them.)


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