Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to alleviate stress

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Why, yes, you continue to get a proliferation of fluff in the feed. But it’s good fluff! At least I think it is. Creative. Witty. So wrong it’s awesome. It’s the stuff that helps alleviate the stress that my life has been lately. But have no fear! There are also some gems of real content in […]

So Many Teeth, Bunches of History, Scifi and Comic News, and Good to Help Balance Out the Bad

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Right now, a bunch of people I know are out on the West Coast at San Diego Comic Con. Another few are bouncing around various European countries. Still more are heading off for two weeks of Pennsic War. And, in another month, some mix of those same bunches of people will be heading to Dragon*Con. […]

Heroes (in real life and otherwise), A Bad Way to Kill a Spider, Questionable Editorial Decisions, and Just Plain Bad News

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The week continues to be… odd. The rapid oscillation between lull and panic at the day job just kind of left my head spinning. I’d been hoping to make a bit of progress on some other projects, but one just refused to die quietly. I’m sure it will resurface again soon enough… likely right when […]

Tarot History, Takei Respect, DRM Woes, Work Tunes, Illusions in Motion, and Comic Book Stuff

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Hopefully, after today’s utter insanity and stress, things will fall back into a more “schedule-friendly” rhythm at work. We should be past the point where a project that should have ebbed has continued to flow… right over top of a new project that was planned to start in the down-time. In the feed, there’s what […]

Giger Passes, Giant Critters, Batman, Daredevil, Furry Walls, Cool History, Science, and a few really funny things

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Sometime, my mind does really awesome things at night. Like craft amazing worlds and situations that put any movie to shame with their expanse and visual wonders. Last night was not one of those night. Last night the dream that my mind generated was, at best, a B-grade rode trip rock ‘n’ roll farce. Likely […]