It Was a Busy Weekend, Full of Stuff and Work

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The past week or so at the day job has been ridiculous. Huge deadlines on a huge project that’s really too huge for the timeline it was scheduled for. Of course, it does look like we’ll be close enough. It also looks like it’s driving me utterly mad with stress. So, the feed is a […]

Celebrity Death and Dying, A Metal Morning, Throwback Thursday, and Some Bad News for Freedom

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Bunches of things in the feed. A fantastic little article about Betty White and how she dyes. The sad news that Joan Rivers won’t be dying any more… or getting any more plastic surgery… or telling any more snarky jokes. I was in a totally metal mood this morning, so there’s a selection of tunes […]

Heroes (in real life and otherwise), A Bad Way to Kill a Spider, Questionable Editorial Decisions, and Just Plain Bad News

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The week continues to be… odd. The rapid oscillation between lull and panic at the day job just kind of left my head spinning. I’d been hoping to make a bit of progress on some other projects, but one just refused to die quietly. I’m sure it will resurface again soon enough… likely right when […]

Bad Dice, Blackwater, Continued Hobby Lobby Hubbub, Nature, and a Little Fan Service

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The two big bits of news that were bouncing around today were the Supreme Court’s decision in the case for Hobby Lobby regarding whether it should have to pay for insurance plans that cover contraception and the recently released documents that show just how messed up the U.S. relationship with “freelance security” firm Blackwater was. […]

More than a few days worth of stuff (Including science, cats, politics, Fathers Day, and a whole lot of Johnny Cash)

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Not much of an intro today. It was a low-key weekend (after the out-way-too-late game night, at least) and a busy Monday. It’s going to be hot and humid the rest of the week. Can’t say I care much for that combination. Hopefully, the A/C unit can handle it. Anyway, on with the catch-up feed…