It Was a Busy Weekend, Full of Stuff and Work

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The past week or so at the day job has been ridiculous. Huge deadlines on a huge project that’s really too huge for the timeline it was scheduled for. Of course, it does look like we’ll be close enough. It also looks like it’s driving me utterly mad with stress. So, the feed is a […]

Weather, Ice Bucket Muppets, Free Range Kids, More From Furguson, and Some Movies

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread (and pull in tons of money and awareness). Now we’re up to Muppets like Cookie Monster and Kermit the Frog participating. I continue to be amused. (And, in some cases, impressed.) There’s still lots of problems in Furguson… and there are so many media-types there to get […]

Epic Rap Battles, Culture War, Yet More Problematic Politics, Some Interesting Decor, and the Requisite Number of Cat Posts

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My sleeping and eating schedule this weekend was even more off from what most would consider “typical” than normal. But, that’s what I get for going out to an 80s mega dance party on Friday, partying with rock stars on Saturday, and spending most of Sunday recovering and trying (failing!) to get back on a […]

A lot of humor (and some action) to counter-balance the really disturbing bits of news

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Another kind of crazy day, but there was plenty of humor to distract online (or so it seems). That’s good because some of the news items that came across my various feeds were more than a little disheartening. Mostly politics and environmental stuff… and I didn’t bother to re-share many of them because I just […]