GWAR, Cooper and Price, Looking Back on Scandal, History, and A Few Other Things

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This, so the little numbers tell me, is the 100th entry I’ve made in this particular experimental Facebook Feed series. I was going to say something interesting about it… but it’s been another long day at the office and my brain is kind of fried. I’m also kind of unimpressed with my own performance in […]

A Long Weekend’s Worth of Stuff

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This past weekend, a whole lot of people I know were down in Atlanta for DragonCon. It’s an eventĀ I’ve been numerous times before and is always an amazing adventure. I haven’t been there in four years now. Finances and schedules have kept me from being able to make it back. This year a bunch of […]

Epic Rap Battles, Culture War, Yet More Problematic Politics, Some Interesting Decor, and the Requisite Number of Cat Posts

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My sleeping and eating schedule this weekend was even more off from what most would consider “typical” than normal. But, that’s what I get for going out to an 80s mega dance party on Friday, partying with rock stars on Saturday, and spending most of Sunday recovering and trying (failing!) to get back on a […]

Community News, Wolverine, a lot of Culture Talk, Some Science, a Little Food, and The Wonder Years Reunion

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I was asked in a comment stream today why I post (or, technically, share… since other people have found most of them first) the articles I do, especially about the whole misogynist culture stuff that’s really being talked about a lot right now. The answer is simple: Awareness needs to grow. I know far too […]

History, Science, and Animals

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Short list today. I’ve been too busy to really take in as much as I usually do. I’ve never been interested in being a programmer. At least not since the “good old days” of BASIC where I toyed with the idea briefly, just like everyone else, until I realized just how much ridiculously complex work […]