It Was a Busy Weekend, Full of Stuff and Work

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The past week or so at the day job has been ridiculous. Huge deadlines on a huge project that’s really too huge for the timeline it was scheduled for. Of course, it does look like we’ll be close enough. It also looks like it’s driving me utterly mad with stress. So, the feed is a […]

Celebrity Death and Dying, A Metal Morning, Throwback Thursday, and Some Bad News for Freedom

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Bunches of things in the feed. A fantastic little article about Betty White and how she dyes. The sad news that Joan Rivers won’t be dying any more… or getting any more plastic surgery… or telling any more snarky jokes. I was in a totally metal mood this morning, so there’s a selection of tunes […]

A Long Weekend’s Worth of Stuff

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This past weekend, a whole lot of people I know were down in Atlanta for DragonCon. It’s an event I’ve been numerous times before and is always an amazing adventure. I haven’t been there in four years now. Finances and schedules have kept me from being able to make it back. This year a bunch of […]

Bits of Nostalgia and Nature, Some World News, and a Really Big Wombat

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Full day at the office followed by a full evening of more work on a freelance project I had hoped would be much further ahead than it is now. This whole “burning out” thing happens much more quickly than it did 20 years ago. What’s up with that? Oh, yeah… human… aging… right. Can’t run […]

Good Ol’ Al, Water Woes in Detroit, Old Blood, Workplace Hijinks, and Some Good Ideas

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I’m really not sure where my evening went. I got home and sat down in front of the computer. Watching the piled up YouTube videos from my feed, and started working on a few different things. At some point I know I made it through another episode of Salem on Hulu… But, really, I don’t have […]