It Was a Busy Weekend, Full of Stuff and Work

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The past week or so at the day job has been ridiculous. Huge deadlines on a huge project that’s really too huge for the timeline it was scheduled for. Of course, it does look like we’ll be close enough. It also looks like it’s driving me utterly mad with stress. So, the feed is a […]

A Weekend’s Worth of Amusement (Offset by Some Real World News)

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It’s been a little trying here in the real world. Lots of not-so-great things going on if you pay attention to the news. More not-so-great things going on for some people I give a damn about. ANd my own feelings of utter stagnation really aren’t helping any. So… To The Internet! There’s no shortage of […]

FCC Overloaded, Rough Road to College, Red Velvet Mites of Love, Genderless, and Slenderman Delusions

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One of the strangest bits of news that came through today (amid a crazy work schedule and some really annoying Facebook problems), was the story of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed another 12-year-old “friend” of theirs in an attempted murder. They did it, the article said, to gain the favor of the Slender Man and […]

Giger Passes, Giant Critters, Batman, Daredevil, Furry Walls, Cool History, Science, and a few really funny things

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Sometime, my mind does really awesome things at night. Like craft amazing worlds and situations that put any movie to shame with their expanse and visual wonders. Last night was not one of those night. Last night the dream that my mind generated was, at best, a B-grade rode trip rock ‘n’ roll farce. Likely […]