A lot of humor (and some action) to counter-balance the really disturbing bits of news

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Another kind of crazy day, but there was plenty of humor to distract online (or so it seems). That’s good because some of the news items that came across my various feeds were more than a little disheartening. Mostly politics and environmental stuff… and I didn’t bother to re-share many of them because I just […]

Food, Flood, Flash, Multicolored Things, Zodiac, Twin Peaks, and the Future of the Internet

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Well, it seems like the FCC has decided it’s just going to go ahead and ignore what more knowledgeable people seem to be crying out for. Their decision today seems to lean in favor of letting companies like Comcast charge whatever they want to whoever they want on both sides of the bandwidth transaction. Net […]

Science, Madness, Ice Cream Truck Music History, Slowly Impending Doom, and More

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I’m really not much of a programmer. Yes, my job title technically¬†does have “developer” in it, but I’m really not happy when I have to build things from scratch. I much prefer to mix already working things together in ways that get the job done in a quick and effective manner. Hopefully something that’s at […]