Unintended Consequences Strike Again, Entertainment Both Classic and New, A Bit of Cute, and a Return to Space

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The big news today (for me, at least) was the announcement of the U.S. return to manned space missions. NASA will once again be shooting humans into orbit (with some help form Boeing and SpaceX)! Now, that’s not quite the manned exploration mission style I’d prefer to see… but it’s better than nothing. I’d love […]

A Long Weekend’s Worth of Stuff

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This past weekend, a whole lot of people I know were down in Atlanta for DragonCon. It’s an event I’ve been numerous times before and is always an amazing adventure. I haven’t been there in four years now. Finances and schedules have kept me from being able to make it back. This year a bunch of […]

Innovation Squashed, Bigotry from the Bench, Hacking Hackers, Science Rap, and Work-life Balance

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As I mention frequently (perhaps too frequently), my own natural flow doesn’t fit exceptionally well with the standard 40-hour work week setup. I’ve also said for years that we’ve become victims of our technology instead of masters of it. Instead of allowing our advancing technology to give us modest gains in both free time and productivity, […]

Star Wars Stuff, Perspective on Numerous Levels, Cool Looking Hobbies, and (of course) Politics

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I’ve spent far too long reading stuff and watching YouTube videos. Between that and hitting a meeting down in Silver Spring proper after work tonight, my “free time” has all but vanished, leaving me, once again, at the “Oh, crap, I should probably be going to sleep now-ish” point. My “normal” sleep schedule really doesn’t […]

Dumbing Down, Questionable Relationship Awareness, Godzilla Humor, Economic Issues, Speed Cameras, and Zepplin

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I hadn’t heard about the Macklemore thing until I saw a post about it yesterday. (He’s since apologized.) I was left wondering if a bit part of the problem was that we’re not willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt when they say “I really didn’t know.” (Especially if no other public action we’ve […]