100 (and Beyond)

We made it. 100 days, 100 videos. Maybe more. I messed up numbering somewhere along the way. This may be 101. And I already have one more (a Comic Bento unboxing) that will be going up. The vague plan for the new year is to do at least 52 videos. Far from the daily grind […]

Half Way There!

Yeah, now all of you who grew up in the 80s have a Bon Jovi song stuck in your head. And I’m not at all sorry about that. If you’re reading this, then we’ve both made it to the 50th installment of this vlog thing that I’ve been doing since September. While it may not […]

One Quarter Done!

So, I’ve been slogging away at this project for 25 days now. It’s been a bit trickier than I expected. Mainly because I still insist on editing things, which leads to more time spent exporting them and getting them up to YouTube. But… there’s been one video a day none the less. What I haven’t […]

Made it to Ten! Now on to the Weird Stuff.

So… we’re one tenth of the way into this project. I’ve learned a bit about Premiere Pro and how much time it actually takes to produce a ten minute video. (Man, those processing times are killer.) It’s also October… which means we’re well on our way to Halloween. It’s the season for strange and unusual things. […]

Unintended Consequences Strike Again, Entertainment Both Classic and New, A Bit of Cute, and a Return to Space

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The big news today (for me, at least) was the announcement of the U.S. return to manned space missions. NASA will once again be shooting humans into orbit (with some help form Boeing and SpaceX)! Now, that’s not quite the manned exploration mission style I’d prefer to see… but it’s better than nothing. I’d love […]