Unintended Consequences Strike Again, Entertainment Both Classic and New, A Bit of Cute, and a Return to Space

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The big news today (for me, at least) was the announcement of the U.S. return to manned space missions. NASA will once again be shooting humans into orbit (with some help form Boeing and SpaceX)! Now, that’s not quite the manned exploration mission style I’d prefer to see… but it’s better than nothing. I’d love […]

Mostly Fluff… Because the Few Real Articles Are Such Downers

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Hell continues to break loose in Furguson, MO. Journalists are being arrested. Citizens are being arrested. There are reports of shooting and rioting (which only serves to encourage the police response–seriously, knock it off, people!). It isn’t good. Not at all. And Don Pardo died. (But he was 96, so that’s not that bad… but, still.) […]