Inside an Abusive Relationship, Questionable Traffic Laws, Captain Planet Gone Mad, and a Couple of Lighter Stories

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Wow… not a lot in the feed today, but of what there is a lot of it is pretty heavy. Guess I’m making up for all that fluff the past week or so. The most important story is an inside look at an abusive relationship. If nothing else, it should remind us all that how […]

Dumbing Down, Questionable Relationship Awareness, Godzilla Humor, Economic Issues, Speed Cameras, and Zepplin

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I hadn’t heard about the Macklemore thing until I saw a┬ápost about it yesterday. (He’s since apologized.) I was left wondering if a bit part of the problem was that we’re not willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt when they say “I really didn’t know.” (Especially if no other public action we’ve […]