100 (and Beyond)

We made it. 100 days, 100 videos.

Maybe more. I messed up numbering somewhere along the way. This may be 101. And I already have one more (a Comic Bento unboxing) that will be going up.

The vague plan for the new year is to do at least 52 videos. Far from the daily grind I did with this last 100 days. One or so a week should actually give me a chance to do things–things other than crank out videos and things like learning more about the software I’m using to crank out videos.

There will be a more coherent plan for the first 100 days of the new year. Then there’ll be one for the middle 100 days. And one for the final 100 days of 2016. That should space out some breaks nicely in the mix.

So how did things go with this challenge I posed myself?

Well, since the main goal was 100 videos in 100 days and I didn’t miss a single day, I’d say that was a success.

Other metrics… well… that didn’t stack up so well. It looks like I got a few (8) new subscribers, but some of them were¬†likely spam, as were a few of the handful of comments that I got (including one that was so utterly off-topic and incoherent that I had to go and check out the videos on the page of the person who posted it… yep, complete nut job like whoa).

The most popular of the new videos is the review of Valley of the Sasquatch, with 103 views. That’s kind of surprising. The second most popular, with 83 views, is the one about the Rankin-Bass animated specials I grew up with (that’s also one of the two videos that seems to have garnered a “thumbs down”… yet no comments). The video with the most minutes watched (182) was the one about types of ghosts.

Overall, in the past 100 days, 3,992 minutes of my videos have been watched in 1,239 individual viewings. There were 84 likes and 47 comments with 15 shares.

Not horrible, especially for something that wasn’t really focused or promoted in any way, shape, or form… but far from groundbreaking.

So, here’s the last official vlog of these last 100 days of 2015. Hope you’ve enjoyed this experiment.

Don’t forget that you have some say over what goes on for the next 100 days… click the big green button below here to get to the page where you can submit topic suggestions and questions (so I know what kinds of things you want to see go on in these videos).

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