Types of Ghosts

Have you ever seen a ghost? What kind of ghost was it?

What? You didn’t know there were different types of ghosts? In today’s vlog I ramble on about three different types. Nothing quite as detailed or varied as good ol’¬†Tobin’s Spirit Guide, but a solid enough quick overview.

This builds a little on yesterday’s vlog about the spiritualism movement that lead hordes of people to want to talk to their deceased loved ones and the researchers who dedicated their lives to trying to figure out what, exactly, was up with all that. It’s from those early parapsychologists and everyone who’s built on their research that we know most of what we do.

We have vague ideas of how to detect ghosts. A ton of theories about what they may actually be (and how we can get different types, like the ones I talk about). Unlike certain movies, there’s no way to “catch” a ghost and keep it around. At least not any way that’s been proven to work… though I’m sure there are some practitioners of magical arts that would disagree.

The bottom line is that we still don’t know exactly what it is we’re seeing when we see ghosts. Or why some people can see them better than others. Or why they’re so inconsistently caught on our recording devices. I’ll talk about a lot of those theories in the future.

Check out today’s vlog about ghosts (and let me know if you’ve had any ghostly encounters).

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