More of Everything from the Past Few Days

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Yep. Up too late again, trying to catch up on non-day-job work that I didn’t get to last week (or the week before) because I was so wiped out by the day job work. Much needed fun over the weekend, but my sleep schedule is still recovering. Yeah, that’s the excuse I can use for […]

Tell His Mom, Conspiracy Closure, Environmental Pope, Helium, Slow-mo Nature, and Raccoons

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Not too long after I got home form work on Friday, I turned right back around and went out. Then didn’t come back until nearly sunrise. The only Memorial Day type thing I did this past long weekend was that barbecue on Friday night. Saturday and Monday were spent mostly just zoning out, letting my […]

A Bit of Science, Some Literature, A Tune or Two, and Some Crazy News

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I spent most of my day today, neck deep in code, tweaking Drupal API bits on a data entry form to bend it to the will of my client. I am not exactly a programmer, so this isn’t my idea of a good time. But, it needs to be done, and so it gets done. […]